Youth Impact @ Trinity

Plans are well underway for an exciting season of children and youth opportunities. Developing friendships, sharing gifts, a safe place to engage thoughts and feelings and a good time all combine to deepen spirituality and strengthen community.

Sunday youth times will include youth forum for those in grade 8 and high school. Rocky Moretti will be inviting the group to look at the “paradoxical commandments”. Marion Allan and Verna Gardiner will be helping the infants and toddlers to feel welcomed. There will also be two groups for the kindergarten to grade 7 students. Damion Lumley and Jackson Browning have been counseling children at camp all summer and are looking forward to bringing their camping skills to the children of these ages.

We also have some new talented young adults coming to help us! Sharlini Arasaratnam is coming to the nursing program at Western. Her parents are United church ministers and she has experience working with children and youth. Nancy Seguin is coming to Fanshawe to take the youth worker program. She was the program director at Gesstwood United Church Camp in Windsor this past summer. They will be helping out with youth programs and on Sundays as needed.

If you would like to help out with Sunday programs or provide logistical support for our retreats, sleepovers, and Friday Fun nights, please let me know. Trinity is also looking at starting a Argyle youth activity night at the new Children’s Services Offices at the Nelson school.

The Green Team with its leader Cat Hall-Oaker is also a vital part of our youth community and provides intergenerational opportunities to have fun and make a difference. Together we are happier and together we are stronger….together our lives have a powerful and positive impact