Give a Dam!

Trinity and other United Churches in the Middlesex area are raising money to give a dam to church partners in Mozambique. It’s made of concrete and it’s called a sand dam.

Mozambique is in south east African and it is one of the most undeveloped countries in the word. After years of civil war, it managed to become a democratic republic in 1994. Because the counties main religion is Christianity, the United Church was invited to send staff there to work with local churches and community groups. Bill and Ruth Butts have done an extraordinary job supporting education, women’s rights, economic and spiritual development.

A few years ago, Trinity transformed the life of a village by raising money for a well. Before that, women had to walk many hours a day to carry home clean water. Children were drinking polluted water and getting sick and sometimes dying. As with all the projects the United Church does, the well was built by the local people with local materials so that they can maintain it.

Now we are going to help a whole county of people have better food and make some money so they can send their children to school. By combining with the other United Churches, $30,000.00 will be raised to pay for a dam.

The problem is that Mozambique has a tropical climate which means lots and lots of rainfall all at one time and then no rainfall for months. Imagine trying to grow food for a year when you only get to water your garden for one month.

The Sand Dam collects sand and water as the gushing rains flow over it. The sand filled with water remains on one side of the dam, providing water for the rest of the year. This means abundant crops, enough to not only feed the people year round but enough so that some can be sold and the money used to buy school supplies for the children.

Encourage your children and grandchildren to save some of their money and put it in the mission box when the offering is received. You can put your donations on the offering plate or send them by mail or donate on line. Just mark your gift “mission project or dam”. We’ll also have donation cards made up so you can make a donation on someone’s behalf as a Christmas present…a whole new way to give a dam!