Mission Statement

Inspired by Jesus, we seek to create safe, non-judgemental intergenerational community and partner with all people of good will to help build a better world.

Our core value is Love as demonstarted by mutual respect and freedom of thought. As we sometimes say, “we would rather members be kind Atheists than mean Christians.”

At the same time, we believe in the value of faith that gives rise to hope. At their best, the bible stories give voice to the Good News of the triumph of goodness over evil, life over death, hope over despair and forgiveness over victimization.

Since such life-affirming values can only be learned in community, we value every person who comes through our doors and treat them as family. As a result, we are a diverse group of people of differing backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities, and ages…all united by a desire to support each other in becoming the amazing people that God has created us to be.