Membership Policy

For most people, membership is about belonging to a community. Since the church is a community that gathers in Jesus’ name, and in a very real sense is His community and not ours, Trinity welcomes as a member everyone who identifies themselves as wishing to belong to this spiritual community. Such a decision will be acknowledged by the Trinity Council and celebrated in the Bulletin and Newsletter.

  • Children up to the age of 16 may be confirmed as members upon completing a Church Leadership Training Program for youth.
  • Those over the age of 16 who wish to identify themselves as members will be given the opportunity to be part of a small group membership orientation group; have their membership recognized during a worship service; make a public profession of faith; be baptized, if previously they have not been.
  • Trinity will keep track of its members as either being active or inactive. Members who are active are those members who are able and willing to be present and involved in the Trinity community
  • Presbytery assessments will be based upon the number of active members.
  • All members will receive Pastoral care and newsletters, unless they indicate otherwise.
  • Members are encouraged to take serious concerns about another member and about the professional conduct and effectiveness of paid staff (including the Pastor) to that person directly. Staff are encouraged to take serious concerns about a member or other staff to that person directly. The Ministry & Personnel Committee is also available to members and staff to assist in resolving perceived difficulties and conflicts in a confidential manner.
  • Members may be removed only at their own request or at the recommendation of the Ministry & Personnel Committee to Council if their conduct is decided to be consistently incongruent with the golden rule which calls us to live together in respect and kindness.