Music Director – Kathy Warren

Katherine Mary (Wellard) Warren’s roots are deep in Truro, Nova Scotia. Inspired by the work of her grandfather Professor Harry Wellard, who was organist and choir director at First United Church in her home town, her love of music began when she was a young girl.

At a young age she was transplanted to Sarnia, then Port Credit (Mississauga) then on to London as a new bride. A career in banking long played second fiddle to her love of music, but the passion always lingered. Never having to be told to practice, Kathy continued her music instruction into her adult life, studying piano, voice and choral directing under some of London’s finest educators.

Fifteen years ago her dream of working in music came true and she joined Trinity United Church Community Centre where she flourishes as Music Director and Church Administrator. “I always dreamed of being in music,” said Kathy. When asked about what first drew her to music, she said she loved being able to continue the path of her grandfather, who in addition to his role at First United Church, he also founded the first Kiwanis Music Festival in Truro, Nova Scotia. Music is a piece of her soul, and she wants her readers to know the woman in front of the choir or at the piano or organ.

Opportunities abound for Kathy at Trinity. A Chancel Choir, a Youth Choir (Souled Out), the newly formed Children’s Choir (Trinity Treasures), teaching piano plus filling the shoes of an administrator, all happily occupy the minutes of her days. When she isn’t trying to finish her regular tasks you may well find her volunteering one-on-one private vocal support for one of her choir members who is long on desire to sing, but short on formal training.

Kathy says she is so glad to be at Trinity because when it comes to being part of a choir; religion, or lack thereof, is not a requirement or concern. Trinity follows the Golden Rule and is not interested in preaching to or converting anyone. Truly, she would just like you to “Come Sing With Us!”.

Church: 519-455-2710
Home: 519- 645-6330
Cell: 519-671-4253