Pastor – Paul Browning

I grew up in Nova Scotia, the son of a fundamentalist evangelist. So in some ways I am recovering from churches that told me we were all born in sin and that most people are lost. The nicer churches said that the lost people were “seperated from God” and the not so nice churches said that they were “going to hell”.

I loved Jesus and gave my life to him when I was 4 years old…a decision that still informs my daily living these many years later (I’m 53). However, I discovered that there are people who aren’t followers of Jesus but whose lives radiate faith, hope and love. I also discovered that there are Christians who are mean and uncharitable. So I have come to the conclusion that what matters most in life, is not so much what you think and believe, but how you act. It’s all about love…

Fortunately, I discoverd the United Church of Canada which encourages freedom of thought. And even more remarkably, I have found a congregation of people here at Trinity who have no rule but the goldren rule and who try their best to operate the church like Jesus wants them to.

We’re not perfect, but you won’t be rejected here. Your gifts will be recognized and honoured. That’s why we have an organ and choirs and bands in worship…so everyone’s gifts and spirtual styles are respected. Because in our view, we are all God’s family. We are all created, called and equipped to bless each other as we make this world the kind of place we and the Creator need it to be.

Chances are, you’ve probably never had the opportunity to experience church like this. If respect and love are your core values and if you desire spiritual growth and community, you owe it to yourself to check this place out.

I would love to get to know you and have a chat. So, email me or phone or come on over and say, “hello”!

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