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Summer Day Camp: All You Need Is Love

August 21st – 25th, 2017

Open to children in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6

During the week of ‘Love is all you Need’ the children will experience and celebrate love!

With the help of our counsellors, we will discover the importance of love in our world, and that God is a name we use for the power of Love in the world and in our lives.

Throughout the week, we will explore what it means to live a love-filled life, and how we can better support our friends and family. Our daily discussions will involve both scripture readings and real life stories of compassion. During the course of the week, we will uncover new ways to use love to make a difference in our community.

Children will be able to choose from a variety of activities such as arts/crafts, baking, sports/games and music/drama. We will also be enjoying the “splash pad” at the park across the street among many other activities.

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Give a Dam!

Trinity and other United Churches in the Middlesex area are raising money to give a dam to church partners in Mozambique. It’s made of concrete and it’s called a sand dam.

Mozambique is in south east African and it is one of the most undeveloped countries in the word. After years of civil war, it managed to become a democratic republic in 1994. Because the counties main religion is Christianity, the United Church was invited to send staff there to work with local churches and community groups. Bill and Ruth Butts have done an extraordinary job supporting education, women’s rights, economic and spiritual development.

A few years ago, Trinity transformed the life of a village by raising money for a well. Before that, women had to walk many hours a day to carry home clean water. Children were drinking polluted water and getting sick and sometimes dying. As with all the projects the United Church does, the well was built by the local people with local materials so that they can maintain it.

Now we are going to help a whole county of people have better food and make some money so they can send their children to school. By combining with the other United Churches, $30,000.00 will be raised to pay for a dam.

The problem is that Mozambique has a tropical climate which means lots and lots of rainfall all at one time and then no rainfall for months. Imagine trying to grow food for a year when you only get to water your garden for one month.

The Sand Dam collects sand and water as the gushing rains flow over it. The sand filled with water remains on one side of the dam, providing water for the rest of the year. This means abundant crops, enough to not only feed the people year round but enough so that some can be sold and the money used to buy school supplies for the children.

Encourage your children and grandchildren to save some of their money and put it in the mission box when the offering is received. You can put your donations on the offering plate or send them by mail or donate on line. Just mark your gift “mission project or dam”. We’ll also have donation cards made up so you can make a donation on someone’s behalf as a Christmas present…a whole new way to give a dam!

Refugee Sponsorship

We are part of a partnership sponsoring a refugee family settling in London.

To donate to support this cause, click here:

Proud to be Pride!

While I’ve never been anti-gay, I haven’t always been pro-Pride. In my 20s & 30s, I didn’t get all the hype about the Pride Parade – I thought to myself, ‘So, you’re gay: what’s the big deal?!’ Now, it is my favourite day of the year! I can’t think of a better way to show the citizens of London, in general, and the LGBT community, in particular, just what some Christians are made of! So, what happened to account for this 180 degree change? For me, it was knowledge.

In 2006, I taught a Gender & Sexuality course at Western. That’s when I learned about Stonewall: the “Rosa Parks moment” for the gay community. On June 28, 1969, patrons at a gay bar, called the Stonewall Inn, in Greenwich Village, New York city, fought back against what was then ongoing oppression from the authorities in what became a pivotal moment in the history of gay rights. These patrons were sick and tired of being harassed by police during raids that were sanctioned by the city. On this particular night, patrons had had enough, and, understandably, a riot broke out. I urge you to Google “Stonewall rebellion” for the details. The crux of it: the patrons were fed up of being treated as second-class citizens and refused to comply with the police. This was the birthplace of modern gay rights, and every year ever since, people all over the globe commemorate it by holding Pride Parades.

“Okay, so, I get it!” For me, then, it was the revelation that gay people had endured this type of legally sanctioned oppression on a regular basis and not all that long ago! After that, I was happy to see coverage of the Pride Parade every year on our local news station, here, in London, Ontario – and throughout the world as well.

Last year, when I learned that Trinity was going to be entering a float in the Pride parade for the first time, Gary (my husband) and I jumped at the chance to get on that bandwagon! What an opportunity to put Christian principles to work in a tangible way. It was an amazing experience. This year, once again, we were happy to join in the celebration.

Of course, when you get to be older, just getting on the float (literally-speaking) can be a challenge! However, once on the float, it was clear sailing after that. It was refreshing to see the wide range of ages of participants on the float. I think Heaven Avery, Barb’s lovely 8 year old granddaughter, had to be the youngest, and my husband, Gary, at 73, was likely the oldest. Of course, we had everything in between: many teens, some young people (under 35), and middle-aged folks like myself and the band members.

And, we had our walk-alongs and ride-alongs – those who didn’t ride on our float but walked (or cycled and often danced to the beat) behind us and beside us joyfully and busily greeting people and handing out chocolates. This included, Eric, Damian, Alex, Siobhan, and Cat with Trinity’s new mascot, Doom – just to name a few. We had some high-energy cheerleaders leading us on with cheers like: “I say RAIN-BOW, you say PRIDE (x5)!” You get the picture. The band (Paul, Cathy, Dale, Kurtis and Rodney) was amazing doing favourites like, “We are Family” which they put their own Trinity spin on by ending the song with the line: “We are Trinity!” Then, I couldn’t believe my ears when the band did a tremendous rendition of arguably one of the best-selling singles of all times, Lady Gaga’s anthem to the LGBT community, “Born This Way”. I felt like the coolest kid on the block! I loved hearing Paul chant those fun lyrics, “Don’t be a drag – just be a Queen.” (x3) The positive energy from this powerful song just exploded both for the Trinity Pride participants (both on and off the float) and for the spectators on the street as we passed them by. The look of splendor and surprise on the faces of the spectators was priceless. Perhaps, their awe was underscored by the fact that we were a “Church float”. It was as if they were thinking, ‘Who knew that church people could be so cool?!’

We may have been the coolest kids on the block, but man was it hot! It was 28 degrees, not factoring in the humidity. Not a cloud in sight. Thankfully, one kind gentleman watering his boulevard sprayed us with his hose as we passed him by – I think it was Divine intervention! And, I couldn’t get over the crowds of people out to welcome us: people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, abilities, etc. How cool is that?! Many had their four legged friends to join in the fun. What a connection we made with the spectators: magnetic and magical all at once. What an honour to put our Trinity principles of respect, kindness, and fairness into action in our community. To quote Paul right afterwards, “What a rush”!

Trinity Players Present: Unfinished Business – A Murder Mystery

Over 200 people attended the murder mystery fundraisers over two weekends in November (four performances). We had sell out crowds and earned enough money to fund a minimum of 7 Hospitality meals. That’s enough money for 700+ individual meals. On top of that, the second weekend performances raised money for Addiction Services (LHSC) as well as Hospitality. Both great causes deserving of our support as a community of people focused on being kind and helping others.

The play took place at the funeral of an Investment Accountant. One, who has recently come to grips with his sexuality, ethics, and second marriage to a man. The couple share 5 adopted teens; named for the colours of the rainbow. The play itself was not written to be a “gay rights play”, but it did become a vehicle for the cast to show their support and love for those, as the play says (referring to the couples children); “have seen how society treats those who love differently, and it hasn’t been a pretty sight.” This support was reinforced by a performance by three children of the deceased, a powerful same sex marriage song; “Same Love”. Our audiences embraced the message.

Trinity’s values of fairness and inclusion inspired this play, as was evident in the final lines as Hedly (the deceased), asks the Angel: “So, does that mean that God doesn’t really hate Gays? And I am not going to Hell?“ The Angel replies (in classic Trinity fashion); “No… no, no hate, and no Hell. Not for Gays, Women, Jews, Muslims, Wiccans, Atheists, or Politicians either. God doesn’t care about any of that; Mankind added that caca by yourselves. God isn’t rules and complex, God is Love, plain and simple. Come on, let’s get you started on that afterlife of yours”

Powerful message inspired by a community that lives those words.

Pride Parade 2014

This summer, Trinity participated in the London Pride Festival parade with a float and procession.

Not only did we let London know there is a place in the Argyle area where people can feel safe and supported, we did it in style! Trinity had the only band in the parade and Yanick (keyboard) volunteered to come from Toronto where he was gigging with his band until 3 am!

The organizing committee of Kes, Dave, Vicky, Cat, Rob, Eric and Charmain did an outstanding job. The Green team cheerleaders and other 40 participants looked fabulous in their new Trinity T-Shirts designed by Kate. Giving out chocolates with our web site attached was brilliant. What an amazing community!

3rd Annual Art in the Park

A spectacular time was had by one and all at the 3rd Annual Argyle Art in The Park on August 23rd. Thanks to Nancy McSloy and her wonderful team of orange-capped volunteers, the event was an incredible success!! This year’s festival was much bigger than the last 2 years, with 2 rings of booths totalling 65 in all! That’s before you count those in the Kids’ Zone.

What our customers may not know, is that those amazing volunteers were at the park earlier than the rest of us, setting up canopy tents, hauling picnic tables and getting the park ready for all of the participants and … somebody even marked the ground with painted numbers, so vendors could find their booth with ease! The planning before this wonderful event must have taken many, many hours. We certainly appreciate all of those volunteer hours!

There must have been another team that did all the remarkable set-up and working behind the scenes for the performers who took to the stage. We were thoroughly entertained all day by a grand list of musicians and their bands.

Did you see those Trinity t-shirts? They were everywhere – volunteers, musicians and vendors all sported the cheerfully coloured shirts! I was amazed when I did a quick walk around the venue to find many other Trinity faces supporting the Argyle Community Association. Not only were we highly represented at the park, but Paul and Dave told me that they’d scooted across to the church for two wedding ceremonies.

We had a steady flow of visitors to our booths and I was delighted to see the smiles and hear the laughter in the crowd. St John’s Ambulance had some lovely therapy dogs along with their humans attending the event. There were several other London agencies at the park offering information about all the wonderful things they do. Although I missed the young gymnastics’ performance in the Kids’ Zone, I heard they’d done a wonderful job! And … the smell of tasty food wafting through the park kept our mouths watering and a steady line-up at the food booths!

One of my customers told me she recognized Joe, one of the singers, from Trinity’s Talent Show! Another told me that she always reads the Trinity sign to see what’s happening in the area

Joining the Trinity community has certainly enriched my life. It appears to have done that for many people! It is with excited anticipation that I look forward to upcoming events in the Argyle area!

Thank you, Nancy, and all who participated in this year’s Argyle Art in the Park!

Your Fears Erased

Once again the Green Team and our giant chalkboard walls were a part of the Home County Music and Arts Festival. This year we asked the public to share their fears with us, so that we could erase them. And oh my did London share! Over 1000 people visited our walls and wrote their deepest fears, along with many more people coming to read the walls.

We captured some classic fears; Death, Snakes, Losing a loved one, Zombies. But we also saw some intensely personal fears; Not ever seeing him again, Rejection, the Unknown, Not being able to conceive. Whatever the nature of the fear, we could see a weight lifted off of the person once they shared it. And we saw understanding and compassion in the eyes of people reading the walls.

There is a power in naming your fear and sharing it publicly, and when you read the fears of others you come to the understanding that we are not so different from each other. The Green Team hopes this project builds community in London, and helps us move from being strangers, to people you just don’t know yet. The winner for best fear shared over the three days? “The diaper doesn’t hold!” What parent hasn’t had that fear?

Interfaith Tree Planting 2014

More than 140 volunteers representing seven London faith groups planted over 500 native trees and shrubs at a London park on June 1, 2014. The Interfaith Tree Planting was organized by the seven faith groups and coordinated by ReForest London.

The environmental action recognizes the shared values of stewardship for the earth that these religious groups share. In addition to improving the environmental health of London, organizers hoped to create a space for positive interfaith fellowship and activities. Family activities and sharing of food were part of the day ’s events.

Following blessings offered by Muslim, Christian, and Jewish leaders, volunteers planted trees and shrubs at Meadowgate Park, located near Commissioners and Highbury Roads. Participants were invited
to sample food from many of the participating faith groups.

The following organizations participated in the interfaith event:
• Al Mahdi Islamic Community Centre
• Congregation Or Shalom
• London Muslim Mosque
• Muslim Association of Canada
• St. James Westminster Anglican Church
• Temple Israel of London
• Trinity United Church Community Centre

Trees planted at Meadowgate Park contribute to London ’s Million Tree Challenge, a community initiative to plant one million trees in the city of London. Funding for the planting event was provided by the participating faith groups and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Leaders offered statements about their participation. Here is what our leader said:
“The bible begins in a garden and ends in a city teeming with trees, vegetation and crystal clear rivers…a vision of the future we all want and need. Since we all share the same home on planet earth and our spiritual traditions share the same values of respect, compassion and fairness, it will be a great occasion and a lot of fun to plant trees together. ” – Rev. Paul

“Death is Academic” – Murder Mystery

Back for its fourth year, the Trinity Theatre Player ’s Murder Mystery has succeeded in giving a great performance while raising enough money to fund 5 Hospitality meals. That equates to serving 500+ individual meals!

It takes a big team to produce these performances and this year 47 volunteers, ranging in age from 13-70, were involved.

This year, for the first time the Trinity Theatre Players outdid themselves by putting on packed house performances on Friday AND Saturday. A third performance will take place Saturday, May 24th at Fairmont United—another sold out show!!!

Our audience enjoyed the performance, and the snack foods received rave reviews thanks to our Kitchen Goddess Ruth Johnson and her team of helpers.

The next coming attraction? Watch for our Fall performance of a brand new play. We guarantee you will laugh as you try to ferret out the murderer!