Get Involved!

Part of living in community is taking part in activities that feed the greater self. Nothing makes us happier than knowing we have made an important difference, and that the difference we have made has come to be as a result of us sharing who we really are.

Most of us have had painful and frustrating experiences in churches and other organizations. We also live in a world of negativity where once-trusted institutions appear tarnished and not committed to the public good. In this climate and with these experiences it is easy to withdraw from community and under-commit ourselves. Living in this disengaged way, it is easy to feel like our life lacks the purpose and meaning we require to feel fulfilled and truly happy.

On the other hand, most of us have become over-committed and too engaged at times. Out of our concern, sometimes guilt, and sometimes lacking a sense of permission to make choices that are truly wise, we have ended up with responsibilities that were anything but joyful. Taking on too many burdens we have felt crushed rather than fulfilled.

The good news is that we do not have to over-commit for our community to succeed. By contributing a few hours per week, or simply engaging in activities that bring out your best self, you can help to see our community flourish!

Below are some ways you can become involved in the Trinity community. This list is only the beginning: if you have ideas, let us know! For more information, contact the church office.

Self-directed, transformational ministry

  • With the support of the Pastor, start your own small group. If you have an interest in an area, others may share that interest and together you can have a good time doing important things. Each group will run for a designated period of time and the group can be about:
    1. study & spiritual exploration
    2. outreach such as sponsoring a refugee
    3. support group
    4. project group such as making banners, gardening, etc.

Creating a dynamic and joyful community

  • Be a part of a fellowship group (twice a month for 3 months)
  • Be a part of the program team: co-ordinates social events for all ages and provides the community opportunities to get to know each other
  • Be part of a team that provides short-term team sports opportunities for various ages and at no cost
  • Be a part of the Newsletter / Communications team
  • Take photographs of church events
  • Volunteer in the office an afternoon a week

Transforming lives in worship

Community ministry

  • Ushering and greeting: welcome people at the door, hand out bulletins, open and lock up doors, light candles, take up offering
  • Drive to church program: a small thing like driving someone to church can mean a lot for those who have no car or who can no longer drive


  • Choir (junior and senior)
  • Band

Additional worship programming

  • Sound system setup and operation
  • PowerPoint and videography
  • Lay reader: co-presiding and reading scripture
  • Drama group
  • Fellowship time: serving juice, coffee, tea, and snacks after service

Providing a property where lives are transformed

Community ministry

  • Sunday security: locking doors, roving during worship, knowledge of first aid, etc.

Additional property programming

  • Handy skills group: helps with projects by providing labour, painting and other fix-it skills
  • Garden and grounds group
  • Property committee: co-ordinates ongoing maintenance and repair of building and property and support of volunteers. Meets 6 times per year

Transforming lives through pastoral care

  • Pastoral friends: regular visits and phone calls to shut-ins and nursing homes
  • Pastoral communion visitors: take communion to shut-ins twice per year

Spiritual education: creating transformational leaders

  • Nursery ministry: once every three months provide a safe and warm environment for infants and toddlers up to the age of 4
  • Hospitality ministry: one month a year introduce new families to the Sunday school space and program, help everyone get where they need to be, collect offerings and attendance forms
  • Sunday school teachers: using our engaging new curriculum, teach a class for a three-week period with the age group of your choice (age 4-6, age 7-9, age 10-13). We especially need men to volunteer for this position.
  • Sunday school support co-ordinator: support teachers by providing them with materials required and oversee attendance so that those missing can be phoned
  • Senior (high school) and Junior (grades 5-8) youth groups: be part of creating a positive, fun, safe and spiritually enriching group for youth. Time of gatherings and frequency will be up to the leaders and participants of each group
  • Youth leadership program: be part of leading this new approach to confirmation
  • Christian education committee: co-ordinates CE programs and supports volunteers. Meets 4 times per year after church

Outreach to transform lives and change the world

Community ministry

  • Hospitality meal: provide a nutrituious meal on the 1st Sunday evening of the month for all who need it in a warm, inviting family atmosphere. (Saturday morning prep for this meal is another time to help with this project if Sunday night is not convenient)

Additional programming

  • Outreach committee: co-ordinates and supports outreach programs. Meets 6 times per year

Developing resources to transform this community

Stewardship ministries

  • Tellers: Help count the donations and make up the deposit after church
  • Friends of Trininty: Be part of a team of three people who provide information to those who are interested in knowing about the benefits of investing in the ministry of Trinity through bequests and wills. This team will also help organize (not cook or serve) a yearly recognition dinner for those who have gifted Trinity in this way.
  • Finance committee: co-ordinates resource development programs and supports volunteers in this area. Meets monthly except in summer.

The United Church Women (UCW)

  • Two groups of dedicated women who provide friendship, education, worship, and support to one another. They also raise money for mission outreach and for Trinity.