Leadership Covenant

Agreement with this leadership covenant is required by all the leaders at Trinity.
This agreement makes us all equal and accountable regardless of our various roles.
Living out this covenant ensures that our actions are consistent with our core values of respect, kindness and fairness.

The Golden Rule

We will treat others like we wish to be treated and for Christians that also means doing what Jesus would do, as best we can.


We will be supportive of one another and work together as a team to grow safe spiritual community. Bullying and criticism have no place in our leadership model. We will lead with integrity and be dependable. How we do things matters more than what we do.

When we have an issue with someone’s behavior, we will only speak to them about it or to someone on the leadership team if we want their help to initiate the conversation. If a leader shares concerns with us about someone else, we will discern a way of bringing that person into the conversation.

We will uphold forgiving and being forgiven as a natural and essential part of leadership.

Graceful entries: When people offer their gifts in leadership, the team will welcome them and introduce them to the leadership covenant. The team will discern how best to integrate the gifts and ideas of the newer members with the existing program in a positive and creative way. The goal is to build the team and encourage growth as we deepen and expand our programming.

Graceful exits: When we exit a leadership position, for whatever reason, we will do so in a graceful way that affirms the ongoing program of the continuing leadership. Our main concern is the well-being of those we are serving. Even if we are angry, we will not allow our emotions to become an issue.

This covenant is the authority for the Leadership team. Everyone will uphold it and is accountable to it. Everyone will help one another to fulfill it.