Our commitment to accessibility begins with our core values of kindness, respect and fairness, in other words, Love. Trinity is a place where all people of good will are welcomed as equal partners.  

We redeveloped our worship service in 2005 so that the music and what it said there would be more accessible to all ages. We now have a band as well as the organ and choir. Worship is a comfortable blend of informality and meaningful rituals reflecting life passages. Our goal is to make sure that worship is as engaging and meaningful for children as it is for seniors.   

Trinity rebranded to let the community know we want this to be a place where they feel welcome. Trinity United Church became Trinity United Church Community Center and our logo reflects the colours of Canada’s indigenous peoples, the Pride rainbow flag and the rainbow sign of peace. The heart in the middle sums up our desire to have love at the heart of everything we say and do.

The physical building required a lot of work and it had 6 levels that were not accessible.

An architect inspected the building and concluded that to rebuild a building with the same  square footage,  would cost six million dollars in 2005. From a stewardship and environmental perspective, we decided that spending 10% of that amount to make the building serviceable and accessible was the right thing to do.

With the generosity of our members and the support of wonderful partners like the Ontario Trillium Foundation, The United Church Council of Middlesex, the Federal Government Infrastructure and Accessibility programs, the building was given new life.

Five of our 6 levels is accessible, our use of energy is much more efficient, and our rooms and halls have been upgraded. Trinity even has solar electric generation on our roof.