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Rev. Paul Browning


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Rev. Paul Browning grew up experiencing both the benefits and drawbacks of religion. The stories of Jesus gave him a sense of God’s presence and moral direction. But the hypocrisy, judgement and anti-scientific teaching he encountered made church irrelevant at best and abusive at worse.

The United Church of Canada and Trinity, in particular, have given Paul a spiritual home where he is free to explore with all people of good will the meaning of life and to develop spiritualties which are relevant and empowering. If there’s one thing that nature teaches, it’s that the Source of Life and Love we call God loves diversity. Paul is proud to minister with community that celebrates diversity.

Paul is blessed with a wonderful family; his wife Sue who is also a minister and a registered psychotherapist, his daughter Siobhan, and sons Jackson and Damion.

Rev. Paul Browning