Welcome to Trinity United Church Community Centre! We are located on Hale Street, two blocks south of Dundas Street in London, Ontario.

Services are on Sunday at 11AM. All people of good will are welcome!

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Who are we?

Trinity is…

A village...

We’re social animals,
and need each other to feel whole.

But in this lonely age,
many people are missing community.
Isolation can lead to
depression, anxiety, and worse.

Having a caring community helps everyone
to feel supported, connected, and loved.

Everybody needs a village.


Our core values are:
KindnessRespect, and Fairness.
If those are your values,
you’re our kind of people!

Trinity welcomes all of good will,
no matter your:

Race / Culture
Gender Identity
Sexual Orientation
Religion / Philosophy

You’re a partner – not a project!

A living community...

More than just a church,
Trinity is a community centre

From our home in east London, Trinity:

  • Supports neighbourhood projects
  • Hosts open community events
  • Advocates for people in need
  • Serves as home for many partner organizations

Trinity is a community of communities!

Our Story

Our Story

Everybody needs a village. People used to grow up with 75 to 150 people who knew them by name. If someone was sick, people would ask about them and some would bring food by the house. Connections for jobs and other helpful information were a natural part of life. Children knew that they had a lot of people looking out for them which made them feel more secure. From birth to death, the generations enjoyed one another and cared for each other.

Most people don’t have a village anymore. More people live alone than with a partner. Children are lucky if they have 3 or 4 adults in their lives on a regular basis. For the first time in history, more Canadians live alone than with somebody.

Depression rates continue to go up. The latest figures indicate that 50% of Canadian children will be diagnosed with a mood disorder (depression/anxiety) by the time they are 25 yrs of age. Contrast that with the low rates of depression found in countries where most people still have a village and attend a church, synagogue or mosque.

Scientific studies indicate that, on average, being a part of an ongoing, positive spiritual community results in longer life, quicker recovery from operations and sickness and fewer expressions of mental illness.

Trinity United Church Community Centre is excited about creating an inclusive, caring village. We’ve been a community hub for over 100 years. We are a safe place to explore our spirituality without people judging us and telling us what to believe. Trinity offers the opportunity to worship and give thanks for our blessings as we remember the good news that love wins in the end. We draw strength and direction from the inspiration and example of Jesus as we experience together the Magic of Life and Love that we call God.

Many people come to Trinity for programs and social events. Because our core values are Kindness, Respect, and Fairness, people feel at home here whether they self identify as a Christian or not. Trinity is an “Affirming Congregation” that respects every person’s religion, philosophy, and sexual orientation and identity so long as it expresses itself in love. We prefer kind atheists over mean Christians.

If these are your values and you don’t have a village that you are a part of, we invite you to help make Trinity a vibrant, caring community.


Our commitment to accessibility begins with our core values of kindness, respect and fairness, in other words, Love. Trinity is a place where all people of good will are welcomed as equal partners.

We redeveloped our worship service in 2005 so that the music and what it said there would be more accessible to all ages. We now have a band as well as the organ and choir. Worship is a comfortable blend of informality and meaningful rituals reflecting life passages. Our goal is to make sure that worship is as engaging and meaningful for children as it is for seniors.

Trinity rebranded to let the community know we want this to be a place where they feel welcome. Trinity United Church became Trinity United Church Community Center and our logo reflects the colours of Canada’s indigenous peoples, the Pride rainbow flag and the rainbow sign of peace. The heart in the middle sums up our desire to have love at the heart of everything we say and do.

The physical building required a lot of work and it had 6 levels that were not accessible.

An architect inspected the building and concluded that to rebuild a building with the same square footage,  would cost six million dollars in 2005. From a stewardship and environmental perspective, we decided that spending 10% of that amount to make the building serviceable and accessible was the right thing to do.

With the generosity of our members and the support of wonderful partners like the Ontario Trillium Foundation, The United Church Council of Middlesex, the Federal Government Infrastructure and Accessibility programs, the building was given new life.

Five of our 6 levels are accessible, our use of energy is much more efficient, and our rooms and halls have been upgraded. Trinity even has solar electric generation on our roof.

Mission Statement

  • Provide safe, supportive, inter-generational community space for people of all sexual and gender identities. There is only one rule here, but it is important: to treat others the way you wish to be treated…with kindness, respect, and fairness.
  • Partner with neighbourhood organizations and governments to strengthen relationships and services within the Argyle region of London.
  • Provide training for unemployed people in custodial services and training & paid employment opportunities in banqueting.
  • Provide a judgement free, safe, inspirational spiritual home for all people of good will and faith development for those on the Christian journey within the context of the United Church of Canada.

Privacy Policy

  • What is said in a meeting stays in the room unless it is an administrative meeting with minutes.
  • Medical conditions of people will not be disclosed for pastoral care and prayer purposes without an individual’s permission.
  • Individual donor’s financial information will not be disclosed. Mailing lists will not be shared or sold to other organization

Get Involved

ornament1 From Youth Programs to Green Programs, to serving Sunday coffee, there are many ways to get involved at Trinity.

Programs for kids & adults

ornament1 Trinity is home to a wide range of programming for both Adults and Youth. Our energetic, intergenerational Sunday morning worship service is just the beginning!

Get Married!

ornament1Trinity welcomes all wedding requests and performs marriages for couples regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. We would be delighted to be a part of this aspect of your life’s journey.